Nano silicon materials that can be mass-productive and scalable

Non-mechanical grinding of nanomaterials to avoid oxidation and contamination.

Well surface modification

Using graphene and hard carbon composite to coat the nano silicon particles, which greatly increases the electrical conductivity and reduces the corrosion of the nano silicon material by electrolytic solution.

Good electrochemical properties

High first charge/discharge efficiency, capacity, discharge rate and cycling characteristics.


3C Product Market

With the demand for high capacity and fast charging in consumer electronics, nano silicon materials are well positioned to provide a solution.

Energy Storage Application Market

The importance of energy storage systems is increasing as the proportion of green energy such as solar energy and wind energy increases, and nano silicon materials are one of the indispensable elements for lithium-ion battery capacity.

Electric Vehicles Market

Mileage anxiety is one of the biggest issue for users to switch to electric vehicles, and nano silicon materials are an indispensable helper to extend the driving range.

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